Get to know Piko!

Piko is the AI software for managing equipment documents, which improves efficiency and accuracy of work by reducing errors and eliminating manual uploading and folder creation, thus increasing productivity.

If you are an equipment rental company or an equipment owner, Piko is the tool for you.

A new, smart way to manage documentation

Piko uses AI to read and classify documents related to equipment: operating manuals, insurances, certificates of conformity, etc.

Replacing the manual, time-consuming work of reading, editing, and uploading documents related to machines and tools with rapid, smart, and extensive automation powered by AI, Piko will allow you to save time and money simply by uploading a non-organized group of PDF files onto the platform and letting it do the work for you.

With your fleet recreated on Piko, you will find all the documents you need in the right place.

Save time with Piko!

It has been estimated that managing the assignment of a document to its machines might take around 30 minutes. Imagine having to do it for thousands and thousands of files!

With Piko, you can invest your work time in other productive activities, boosting your efficiency, and be also sure to reduce errors thanks to the AI’s constant learning.

Deliver information to final users

Moreover, Piko also allows you to deliver documents to the final users of your machines in the simplest way possible.

The law requires that every machine and tool must be accompanied by its operating manuals. In case of inspection, other potential documents could be required, such as insurances or other certificates. Piko can help you with that!

Error-proof processes

With a quick, smart, and error-proof process, you can link Piko’s QR codes to your machines and tools and be sure that final users can access them just using their smartphone.

Piko allows non-registered users to read operating manuals and other “public” documents that you’ll provide them, while private information such as insurances and certificates are accessible only to logged-in Piko users.

Discover Piko

Efficiency, accuracy, and productivity are at your fingertips with Piko, the AI software revolutionizing equipment document management.

Say goodbye to manual errors and time-consuming tasks. Simply upload your files and let Piko do the work. Whether you’re a rental company or equipment owner, Piko streamlines operations, saving you time and money.

Join the revolution today and unlock a new era of seamless document management.