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How many hours do you spend reading and classifying documents about your assets? With Piko you can make it all automated and use your working time more efficiently.

AI powered

Thanks to the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that will give you a reliability score for each file processed and an automated association between documents and machines, you can be sure to manage your documentation in the most efficient way.

Easy to use

No need to learn difficult procedures: you can be productive from the first moment, because Piko is designed to be intuitive and make your and your final customers’ life easier than ever.

The solution for rental

Piko is not a generic software: it is designed by experts who have worked with the rental industry for over twenty years and know how to make your work easier and your customers more satisfied.


You can access Piko anytime anywhere, without installing any software on your computer, with high security standards. Be productive the smartest way possible.

Various screenshots from Piko software

Create and manage your fleet structure

You can create your fleet structure on Piko in order to correctly manage all information about it. 

Fleet structure

Piko’s fleet structure is designed to manage machines as Models and Assets. A model is a specific type of machine, such as a Caterpillar 300.9 D or a JLG H600SJ. An asset is the single, real-life machine that you have in your fleet, defined by its serial number.

Create a list of equipment models using AI

Bulk creation

Piko can understand your fleet structure when you upload documents about your machines on the platform and recreate it automatically. 

If you upload an operating manual or a similar document, valid at model-level, Piko will create the corresponding model. If you upload a single certificate, an insurance or similar information related to specific assets, Piko will create the corresponding asset, related to the right model.

By recognizing machine typologies and serial numbers, uploading documents is the fastest way to get a precise mirroring of your fleet on Piko (see below).

Bulk upload docs and create your fleet on Piko

Manual creation

You’ll always be able to add, delete or edit a machine manually. Just click on “Add Model” or “Add Assets” on Piko’s interface to create new entities. 

On Asset List and Model List, you will be able to see your fleet’s machines, to explore which documents are linked to them, and to edit all the information you need.

Add a single model on Piko

Import and associate documents with AI

Folders with manually linked documents for each of your machines are a thing of the past. Thanks to Piko’s AI, you can choose whether to upload or edit single documents per asset or massively upload and associate documents with a single bulk action.

Bulk import

Just drag a folder with all the PDF documents you want to process and drop it in Piko’s Importer, and automatically start the process. No need to organize files at all! 

Bulk import all your documents on Piko

AI reading and elaboration

Piko’s AI  is able to read your documents and understand what they are (operating manuals, certificates, instructions, etc…) and which machines they are about. 

With a reliability score, you can check the results and correct them if needed. The more you upload your documents on Piko, the better it will read and associate them!

Associate documents to machines

When the AI elaboration is complete, you can confirm and execute the work. Piko will assign each document to the right machine, and if a document is about a new machine not yet registered, the software will update your fleet with this new information.

Link machines to documents with QR codes

Included in Piko subscription, you will receive Piko’s exclusive blank QR codes, strong and resistant, to be attached to your machines. Blank QR codes allow the easiest process to associate machines to document with just your smartphone.

Easy linking with the smarphone

You can connect each asset of your fleet to its documents stored on Piko. Just stick one of the blank QR codes provided with your Piko subscription directly on your machine. 

Scan the QR code the first time with Piko and login as a user. You then just need to scan or insert the asset’s serial number to match the machine with the code. From now on, anytime you scan the code, you will be able to read the asset’s documents!

Deliver documents to your customers

You will need to provide your customers with operating manuals and other information about the machine they will rent. All this information will be set by Piko as “public” documentation, so that everybody at the job site will be able to scan with their smartphone and read the file, no mobile app needed.

Protect your assets’ private documentation

You can also use Piko for reserved documents such as insurances, certificates or files containing personal information. Piko is able to recognize this kind of information and mark it as “private”. It will need a login to be accessible and you can decide whom to give the access to. 


Control of documents access with logs

On each asset page on Piko, you will be able to see a list of logs telling you when and where every QR code has been scanned. Don’t ever loose track of your machines!

Logs to understand when a qr has been scanned

Complete service

Beyond document management, Piko is designed to help you with your work with equipment rental 360-degrees. Not only can you manage loads of information in a click with Piko AI, but you can also give your customer the best experience possible.

Document delivery responsibilities

When you rent out a piece of equipment, you are required to give your customers its operating manual and other important information. While they might ask you to receive a paper copy, the online PDF is the safest way for them to access the information without risk of loss or damage that a printed document can incur.

Integrate Piko with your systems

Piko developers are here for you! Contact us to explore all the possibilities of connecting Piko with your rental management system or with other platforms, so that you can work with a seamless experience and better serve your customers.

White-label solution

You can insert your logo and your company colors on Piko: anytime your customers will scan a Piko QR code to read docs, they will feel completely safe and served by their trusted rental company. 

Piko white label solution with a company logo on the frontpage

Frequently Asked Questions

A good document management system should offer robust document storage, retrieval, version control, search capabilities, security features, workflow automation, integration with other systems, scalability, and user-friendly interface. Piko’s AI-powered document management system excels in all these aspects, offering advanced features for efficient document handling, organization, and retrieval, making it the ideal choice for modern organizations.

When selecting a document management system, consider factors such as ease of use, scalability, security features, integration capabilities, compliance with industry standards, and support for mobile access. Piko’s AI-powered document management solutions meet these criteria by offering intuitive user interfaces, scalable architecture, robust security features, seamless integration capabilities, and mobile accessibility, making it the ideal choice for modern organizations.

A document management system controls the creation, storage, retrieval, distribution, and archiving of documents within an organization. It streamlines document-related processes, improves collaboration, ensures compliance, and enhances overall productivity. With Piko’s AI-driven capabilities, document management systems become more intuitive and efficient, paving the way for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Digital document management encompasses the handling of digital documents within an organization. It involves the use of software tools and systems to organize, store, retrieve, and manage electronic documents efficiently. Piko’s AI-driven solutions enhance digital document management by providing intelligent document classification and retrieval capabilities, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Electronic document management involves the digital management of documents within an organization. It includes processes such as scanning physical documents, storing them electronically, and implementing software solutions to manage document workflows. Piko’s AI-based approach revolutionizes electronic document management by offering advanced document classification and retrieval features, simplifying document handling processes.

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