Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions about PIKO. Do you have a question which is not in this list? Contact us!

Piko is a Software as a Service solution, with a monthly subscription. The price depends on the number of assets that the platform manages every month. This means that every month you will receive an invoice that might be different from the previous one if in the meantime you’ve added or deleted assets.  To calculate a price estimation based on your assets, click here!

Piko is the perfect choice for any company that manages equipment, such as rental companies, OEMs and contractors in the construction industry. Machines and tools go with crucial documents: operating manuals, maintenance manuals, certificates, insurances. Piko is able to read and recognize this document and assign them to the models and the assets of your fleet.

Piko manages any kind of document related to equipment machines. It is able to read and recognize operating and maintenance manuals, insurances, CE certificates, etc. If you want Piko to manage particular documents, and you want to go deeper into this, talk to us!

Yes you can. Piko has an API environment available to communicate to third-party systems and automatically get data. Talk with us about it!